Pregnant Belly Cast Making of Baby Number Six

Pregnant Belly Cast Making of Baby Number Six

by Elaina Watkins

While pregnant with Sanaa – Andre, the children and I gave belly cast making a try. A belly cast is a mold of mommy’s pregnant belly that makes for a beautifully artistic keepsake.

We would make two belly casts with two different outcomes. The first cast we made while I was six months pregnant. It was our first attempt at making a belly cast in all of our pregnancies and goodness, did it show. The finished cast was not finished at all. It was so soft that we could not sand it or paint it.

The second cast we made just six days before Sanaa was born and with a little experience under our belt, it was a huge success. This time the cast was finished – enabling us to sand it, paint it, and hang it up in our Hall of Art.

We made a video chronicling the making of our second belly cast. Watch below and enjoy.


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A Wonderful Change Has Come

A Wonderful Change Has Come

by Elaina Watkins

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist – that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality. – Lao Tzu

When I started Blue Marble Body Care in 2010, I set out to spread goodness to every family we touched through soap. I expected to accomplish this while learning, growing, and improving along my entrepreneurial journey. What I did not expect is that this journey would lead me to where I am now: ready and eager to take on life’s new beckoning.

It is this new beckoning that requires a shift in direction and a redirected focus. It is this new beckoning that requires change – and at the heart of this change is Blue Marble Body Care.

My calling involves sharing – sharing through writing, speaking, traveling and so much more. It will demand a world of my energy and devotion and will leave little room for me to serve Blue Marble Body Care as it deserves.

It is for this reason that we will be shutting the doors of Blue Marble Body Care while opening the gates of my destiny.

The closing of Blue Marble Body Care will come in phases, which has begun with the closing of our online store. We will clear out our remaining inventory by selling locally. As a new website is being built, the Blue Marble Body Care website will remain live for you to view past Body Care blogs and videos as well as blogs from Elaina’s Corner that I will update often.

Our newsletters and postings through social media will continue to come through Blue Marble Body Care until the last of the transitions are complete.

Rest assured that while many things will be changing in the approaching months, what will remain is my connection to you. I thank you for supporting us on our travels of purposed growing and living thus far. It is my hope that you will continue to do so as I start on this new, wondrous undertaking of a journey.

Talk with you soon,





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Birth Day Anew


Birth Day Anew

by Elaina Watkins


This year, we have added a new component to the way we celebrate birthdays in the Watkins household. Adisa, baby #5, whose birthday arrived on June 16th, was the first to be on the receiving end of this newfound tradition.

As with all birthdays, we fill the day with the familiar bit of songs, cake, presents, lunch at the birthday boy/girl’s favorite restaurant, and a trip to a venue where there is fun for everyone. What is new to this tradition is the addition of our “reflection circle,” a time to share our fond memories of and what we love most about the birthday boy/girl.

As we sat in our living room, sapped after a long, fun-filled day of celebrating, we took turns sharing what we love about Adisa. Nasir shared how he loves playing and fighting with Adisa. Nylah spoke of his hair, a bowl of tangled yarn that sat on his head until his second birthday. Demari recalled the hilarious pillow fight he had with Adisa and the rest of the siblings the day before. I talked about Adisa’s love for dancing when hearing any type of music since he was a baby. Andre laughed while telling how thus far, Adisa has been and continues to be the most temperamental of all our children. And we all spoke for Angel Craig and Baby Sanaa by saying they would fully agree with everything we shared. We ended the reflections by swallowing Adisa whole with hugs and kisses.

Our reflection circle was a golden finale to Adisa’s birthday celebration  that left us with warm smiles on our face and in our heart. The memories shared, the laughter sang, and the love dispersed are sure to be permanent deposits in our memory bank. It was the perfect icing on the cake…and we ate it too!

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On This Morning

On This Morning

Sunrise Day Camp

On this morning, five long years ago, our son Angel Craig left the worn, tired, sickly body he lived in and flew free with his newly earned angel wings. As we reflect on the anniversary of Craig’s departure from this earth and all the emotions and happenings that surrounds, what follows is a celebration of his entry into this world and all the wonderful things he brought us and taught us.

This June, in honor of Craig’s life, we will participate in a walk to help raise funds for Sunrise Day Camp, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings. Craig was fortunate to attend Sunrise Day Camp the summer before he died and the beauty of love and hope it poured into Craig – and into us through Craig – remains alive to this day.

I can still see Craig on the day we – Andre, Craig, Demari, Nylah, and I – drove to Sunrise Day Camp for a family fun day filled with games, music, food, smiles, and laughter. Craig was beside himself with excitement as we drove to the camp grounds. As soon as we arrived, Craig darted out of our van and headed to the picnic area where all the families and staff had gathered.

It was what happened next that I still remember and that I will not ever forget. It was Craig, and he was running towards us. In his stride, I saw in Craig things that I had not seen since diagnosis – things that I had not ever seen in such potency. As if time slowed to short fragments, I could see the magnitude of Craig’s resounding happiness and unspeakable joy. A euphoric aura illuminated in him and around him and followed his sprint that appeared divinely light and easy. I was equally speechless as I was mesmerized.

It was at that moment, in those seconds of watching Craig run towards us, that I realized Sunrise Day Camp had given back to Craig what cancer had taken away from him: his youth. The care-free, fun-filled youth that seemed to vanish without warning was now back and better than ever.

We owe it to the spirit and the people – from campers to staff – of Sunrise Day Camp for giving Craig back this precious gift.  We want to ensure that other children with cancer can have (and keep) this gift by participating in the SunriseWalks.

We would love for you to join us.


Click here to support team DELTON: ANGEL CRAIG.

When: Sunday, June 9th 9am.

Where: Henry Kaufman Campgrounds, 75 Colonial Springs Rd, Wheatley Heights, NY 11798


Join Our Team: $20 Adults over 17 years. $5 Children over 5 years.

Virtural Walker: $10. Not located at the walk site? Walk from where you are located.

          Sponsor: Not a walker? Contribute to Team Delton: Angel Craig in an amount of your choosing.

Your participation will make a difference in a life of a child.

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Labor of Love: Natural Remedies for Labor and Delivery


Labor of Love: Natural Remedies for Labor and Delivery

by Elaina Watkins

On Sunday, April 7th, we met and welcomed our newest family member, baby Sanaa (pronounced Suh – nah) into our hearts and our lives. Sanaa was born at home, surrounded by her parents, siblings, extended family and love. While we were fortunate to birth Sanaa in the comfort of our home, I experienced a few discomforts inherent with giving birth and used a few household ingredients to provide relief. Some discomforts and remedies were:

  • Raspberry Leaf for Labor Pains and to Strengthen Uterus. To aid in pain relief that comes during and after labor and to strengthen my uterus, I drank Raspberry Leaf tea throughout my entire pregnancy and after giving birth.
  • Coconut Oil to Wash Afterbirth. To wash the vernix, the thick, white substance off of Sanaa’s skin, we used Coconut Oil. Cleansing her skin with oil is a more gentle, soothing and moisturizing method of removing this thick substance from her skin. Some other great alternatives are Olive and Jojoba oils.
  • Shea Butter for Sore Nipples. To heal my sore nipples from breastfeeding I used Shea Butter, my all-time favorite healing balm. Pure Lanolin is another great aid in healing sore nipples.

Other Remedies:

Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids and Herbal Mix for Perineal Tears. Although I did not experience it this time around, I have often experienced hemorrhoids and perineal tears from giving birth. To reduce and soothe my hemorrhoids, I had a bottle of distilled Witch Hazel handy and to heal perineal tears I had a host of organic herbs available to mix together for an herbal sitz bath that included Lavender Flower, Plantain Leaf, Chamomile, Comfrey Leaf, Comfrey Root, and Calendula.

Whether giving birth in a hospital, at a birthing center, or at home, there are many household ingredients available to help relieve some of the most common discomforts associated with labor and delivery. What are some of the ingredients you find useful?

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